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The definitive guide to Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes, discount codes and other money saving tips

Buy Log Cabins Direct is an awesome garden building retailer who you may recognise if you have seen Buy Sheds Direct. They are a garden building retailer that has really blown us away. As you would expect with a name like Buy Log Cabins Direct, they have a fantastic selection of log cabins and summerhouses. If you want a great place to relax in your garden, then they do have a smart selection of higher end log cabins as well as some more modestly priced ones. It is not just cabins and summerhouses that are for sale here. Sheds, playhouses and other garden buildings are also offered. In all this is a great retailer and one that really has impressed us. We think that is why so many people are looking for Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes right now.

We know that it would be fantastic to find a Buy Log Cabins Direct discount voucher that saves you a nice big percentage off that log cabin or shed you have had your eye on. If that is possible then we will tell you how, but sadly that is not always possible. But there are many ways to make sure you get as much bang for your buck as possible and that is what we are aiming to do with this guide. We want to share with you ways that you can save money as well as show you the money saving sites who are going to just waste your time.

Tested & Working Buy Log Cabins Direct Alternative Discount Codes & Offers

We know that if you have come to this page you are looking for a discount code for Buy Log Cabins Direct, as we explain further up Buy Log Cabins Direct dont often issue discount code. As such we thought you might like to see what are some of the best discounts that are currently on offer from other garden building retailers.

25% OFF

Up to 25% OFF 28mm & 44mm Log Cabins

Get between 5% & 25% OFF some 28mm & 44mm Log Cabins.

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FREE Delivery

FREE delivery to most of GB mainland, click here to see if you qualify. 

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£10 OFF

Get £10 off any purchase are offering an introductory offer where you can get £10 off any purchase. 

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The best tips that 90% of people who SAVE money at Buy Log Cabins Direct use!

In this section here we are going to share with you the actual ways you can get a great Buy Log Cabins Direct deal and be informed about the latest Buy Log Cabins Direct special offers and even voucher codes when they are released. These may not be as exciting as a 50% off voucher code, but these are all genuine ways that you can make your money go that little bit further. These are the ways that customers have actually managed to get a good deal and even save a bit of money as well. We know just how thin the profit margin is on some garden buildings so we know that there is no way that many of these huge money off voucher codes are legit! While they are part of the same company as Buy Sheds Direct it is important to note that most special offers only relate to the log cabin or the shed site, very few crossover.

TIP ONE: Click The Special Offers Tab

They always have a special offers section: Buy Log Cabins Direct have a site that is very easy to navigate. They have all these different tabs for things like sheds, log cabins and so on. Well one of the tabs is special offers and this tab is bright red so there is no missing it! Here you will find all of the latest items that are on sale or as part of a special promotion. You will not need to use any kind of Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes to get these deals. If you want to see what the special offers are then just come straight here. Do not waste your time messing around with money saving sites as 99/100 they will just lead you here and not offer any extra savings at all. By coming here direct you are getting the best deal and saving yourself the hassle of clicking on a bunch of bogus links.

TIP TWO: Follow Buy Log Cabins Direct On Twitter

They post some awesome deals on their Twitter feed: Their Twitter feed is a great place to find out about the latest Buy Log Cabins Direct deals. They are always posting about some kind of special offer on a log cabin, shed or whatever. We were actually very impressed with their Twitter. Not only do they have plenty of deals, which they seem to post every couple of days or so. They also have a lot of personality so looking through their Twitter feed trying to find a Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher code or just a good deal is actually a lot of fun. So even if social media is not normally your thing, we suggest you at least have a quick look at their Twitter. If there is a voucher code out there, then they will most likely post it here.

TIP THREE: You Can Spread The Cost With Interest Free Credit

Get your dream garden building with their interest free credit option:  If you do find a log cabin that you just fall in love with on here. Then rather than getting a treasure map and digging up your backyard in search of a Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher code. Have a think about taking advantage of their interest free credit option. Rather than paying it all up front you can spread the cost over three monthly payments. This can make getting that dream log cabin you have pictured yourself drinking a beer in while watching the match in that much more attainable!

TIP FOUR: Watch Out For Their Crazy Sales!

They most of the time have another special sale going on: Yes we already talked about their special offers section, but when you have as many cool garden buildings as Buy Log Cabins Direct do, then you can afford to have another sale running alongside it. Now this sale will change from time to time and at the time of us writing this they are having a summer sale that is more focussed on sheds. Sometimes it is a log cabin sale, playhouse sale, flash sale, clearance sale or some kind of welcome the Martians sale. You never know what kind of sale this company is going to be having, but they always have a banner advertising it on their homepage so you will always be able to find it easily. Sometimes this is a joint sale with their Buy Sheds Direct website so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

TIP FIVE: Like Them On Facebook

They post their latest deals and offers on Facebook:  The amount of rubbish people look at on Facebook is crazy. Well find the latest Log Cabins Direct voucher codes and special offers on their Facebook page. Just give them a like and then when they have a flash sale, special offer or whatever it will pop up. This is a great way to keep up to date with what Buy Log Cabins Direct have going. A special offer or even a voucher code will always be posted first on here or their Twitter feed before any of the money saving sites get wind of it.

The big voucher code site SCAM

A round-up of all the current Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes we found online.

We have shown you the actual ways you can save money when shopping at Buy Log Cabins Direct. Even if you just save a couple of pounds. Those couple of pounds are better in your pocket than the bank account of Buy Log Cabins Direct. While there are ways to get a good deal, there are many money saving sites out there who really do not have the fantastic Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes that they claim to have. Right here we are rolling up our sleeves and digging deep to uncover the money saving sites that claim to have Buy Log Cabins Direct discount codes and special offers. We know how tempting these sites are, but most of the time you will be no better off for going to them.

We have had a really good look on Google at the most popular sites when it comes to people looking for ways to save money when shopping at Buy Log Cabins Direct. We made sure to use the most common search terms which are: Buy Log Cabins Direct Voucher Codes, Buy Log Cabins Direct  Coupon Code, Buy Log Cabins Direct Current Discounts, Buy Log Cabins Direct Discount Codes and Buy Log Cabins Direct Sale.

Buy Log Cabins Direct usually have at least one voucher code going! At least once a year, Buy Log Cabins Direct will have a genuine Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher code going that will save you in most cases, 5% off an order of a certain price. Well many of the sites down below will keep the code listed even when it has long expired! So this is certainly something you are going to want to watch out for as it is horrible when you get your hopes up only to be let down by an old code. If there is a genuine money off Buy Log Cabins Direct deal then look at their social media accounts as that is where the latest code will always be revealed first. – Has invalid voucher code

What they claim? Voucheristic have one of the coolest sounding names of any money saving site, but that does not mean we are going to give them a free pass. To be fair to them they are not really making any kinds of claims about their Buy Log Cabins Direct deals and offers, they are just sort of there for you to look at.

What We Found? The very first thing we found was a Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher code for five percent off. This is great so we thought we would test it out and guess what? It no longer works! This is very frustrating and is sure to get many people’s hopes up. Most of the other links they have are just random products or info about free delivery. – Links to random products

What they claim?  Deals Daddy instead of giving you a big sales pitch about how they have the most amazing Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes and deals give you a little bit of background information about Buy Log Cabins Direct. This was actually nice to see as we do get a bit tired of rolling our eyes at all the, we are the best deals site type of intros we see.

What We Found? There really are not many Buy Log Cabins Direct deals listed here at all, but the ones they do have are really not going to save you much money at all. An example of one of their deals is, a 6 X 4 shed for £249.99. This is not a special offer it is literally just a link to that particular shed that is not even on sale! It is just a huge waste of your time so do not bother. – Has a weird holiday sale going on

What they claim?  Fyvor have one of the most bizarre things we have seen on a money saving site and that is their Holiday Sale 2016. Honestly we have no idea what this is it just says things like UK Father’s Day Sale 2016, Canada Spring Vacation Sale 2016 and other random things. There is no talk about their Buy Log Cabins Direct deals at all they are just sort of there!

What We Found? Once we got past their odd little holiday sale we have a good look through their Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes and deals section. At first glance there is a lot of deals going on here, but like some of the other sites on this list they are just links to random products. Many of which are not even on sale! – Has no deals at all

What they claim?  Voucher Buddy do not make any boastful or wild claims about the Buy Log Cabins Direct deals that they have on their site. But they do say if you sign up to their newsletter that you will be kept informed about the deals and offers that are going on. Why would you do this when you can just sign up for the Buy Log Cabins Direct newsletter?

What We Found? A big bag of nothing is what we found here! That is right, nothing. Now what makes this odd is that Voucher Buddy is one of the first five sites that come up on Google when searching for Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes and special offers. But their site has no deals, offers or anything at all! – Has expired codes and other brands

What they claim?  The first thing we noticed about Love My Vouchers is that they claim that their Buy Log Cabins Direct deals page was updated the day we looked at it. Which is kind of funny because it said the same thing the day before. Hey if they do work on this page daily then we give them a thumbs up, but we suspect it would say it was updated no matter what day you look at it.

What We Found? We found the same kind of links that we have seen on the other sites. They just link you to random sheds, summerhouses and other garden buildings. Now some of these are on sale, but others are not. They also have an expired 5% off voucher code listed. Why even bother keeping this on your site if it expired months ago? They even have a section for other brands that they feel you may be interested in. This to us is just a ploy to try and get you to click more of their links. – List over 10 expired codes

What they claim?  UK Promo Pro start their Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes section with what they claim are the current and valid deals. Apart from this though there is no telling you they are the greatest like Muhammad Ali or anything like that.

What We Found? The links that they have for their current Buy Log Cabins Direct deals are not actually going to save you any more money than if you were to just go directly to Buy Log Cabins Direct by yourself. Under this though they have a section that is dedicated to expired Buy Log Cabins Direct discount codes and offers. That is right they actually have a section that is purely dedicated to wasting your time! As of us writing this guide there are 15 expired deals listed here and worst of all they suggest that they might still work. There is no way these old deals still work, but they will still get a little bit of money for you clicking on them so do not let them use you. – No deals on actual products

What they claim?  While there is not any boasting here they do tell you that the Buy Log Cabins Direct deals they have are 100 percent valid.

What We Found? Well to be fair, Promo Vouchers are easily the least offensive site on this entire list. They do not have any expired deals or code. They do not just link you to random products. Instead they just give you a few ideas for ways to save money when purchasing something from Buy Log Cabins Direct. – Promotes expired deals

What they claim?  Voucher Slug certainly talk a good game. They claim that their Buy Log Cabins Direct discount codes and deals section is something that they update on a daily basis. So in theory this should be the most up to date and current list of Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes on this entire list! Hey if they do update this page daily then more power to them, but we must admit we have our doubts.

What We Found? The main reason we have our doubts is that most of the deals they have listed here are not actually going to save you any money on a shed, summerhouse, greenhouse or whatever it is you are looking for. Now if that was that, we would be like whatever as this is what other money saving sites do. But Voucher Slug do the one thing we really hate and that is list old deals that are long expired. Worst of all they try to tempt you into giving them a try by suggesting that there is a chance they might work. – Has one code and it is expired!

What they claim?  Green Promo Code is a money saving site that we have not seen pop up a whole lot since we started doing these guides. But the first thing that we noticed about them was how they claim that their deals are valid for whatever the current month is. To be fair to them this is a tactic that many other sites do as well.

What We Found? Despite talking a pretty big and impressive game. Green Promo Code only have one Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher code on their whole site. Now if this code was actually valid and saved you money then this would be fine. But this code for 5% off orders over £750 expired many, many months ago! We know it can be tempting to give a code like this a try, but please do not bother it will just make you really made and spit out your coffee. – Links just take you to the homepage

What they claim?  This is another site that actually go out of their way to tell you that the Buy Log Cabins Direct deals they have are valid for the month it is. They also say if you sign up to their newsletter you will be kept in the loop on the latest deals for Buy Log Cabins Direct.

What We Found? There are only three Buy Log Cabins Direct voucher codes listed here and each of them take you to the Buy Log Cabins Direct homepage. So you have to ask yourself what is the point in this? You are not saving a penny by coming here before you go to Buy Log Cabins Direct so please do not waste your time and just go to the homepage directly yourself. Worst of all they list the same expired 5% off code most other sites do!

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