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The definitive guide to Dobies voucher codes, discount codes and other money saving tips

Now we know that many of you will be thinking, why on Earth are WhatShed talking about Dobies voucher codes? Well, while most people think of Dobies as the place you go to for your seeds, plants, food and other gardening accessories, they actually do have a very decent selection of sheds, storage boxes and general garden storage for sale as well. You might even go as far to say that Dobies is underrated when it comes to their selection of garden structures. Anyway this is not a review of their products, this is a guide that we have put together to help you make your money go further and also help you prevent wasting your time looking for Dobies voucher codes and deals.

It can be hard to find a genuine way to save money when purchasing something from Dobies, but today we are going to show you the easiest and most importantly genuine ways you can save a few pounds when shopping at Dobies.

Tested & Working Dobies Alternative Discount Codes & Offers

We know that if you have come to this page you are looking for a discount code for Dobies, as we explain further up Dobies dont often issue discount code. As such we thought you might like to see what are some of the best discounts that are currently on offer from other garden building retailers.

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The best tips that 90% of people who SAVE money at Dobies use!

We want to make sure that your shed purchase is as easy as possible. Not only that, we want to try and help you get the best deal possible and in this section that is our aim. Here we have ways that you can actually save a little bit of money when purchasing a shed or some other garden structure from Dobies. As they are a general garden retailer it is not as easy as you would think, but we have the best tips for you right here!

TIP ONE: Free Advice & Amazing Offers

Sign up to their newsletter for deals and offers:   When you go to the Dobies website for the first time, you will notice that there is a pop up. Now before you start swearing and moving the mouse around like a maniac trying to close the window, this is just a sign up for their newsletter, which if there is something you like the look of on the Dobies website is worth signing up for. This way if they do have a flash sale, special offers or just some kind of deals going on then you will be informed about it right away. To be honest this is very little effort and is something that is worth doing.

TIP TWO: They Have A Special Offers Section

Check their latest offers section for some great bargains: You can save money without a Dobies voucher code by clicking on their special offers tab. This is very easy to find as it is right at the top of the page and bright red, so it is very hard to miss. This will then take you to their clearance section. Now this of course changes all the time and as of us writing this guide, the current Dobies deal that they have is their spring sale. Now Dobies are a general garden retailer so they have all kinds of random items in here such as flowers, pots and other such things, so you will have to hunt through this section to find if they have any sheds or other garden structures for sale.

TIP THREE: Look At Their Facebook Page

Like them on Facebook: Now Facebook may not have any Dobies voucher codes or Dobies discount codes on here, but they do have a lot of posts where they offer advice on how to make your garden awesome. Now you may be wondering why are we telling you about this? Well, the Dobies Facebook page do post when they have a sale or some kind of epic discount going on. So yes it can be hit or miss, but if there is some kind of special offer going on then they will certainly talk about it on their Facebook page. So stop looking at the pages about cats and look at the Dobies page and you may save a little bit of money.

TIP FOUR: Go Direct To Their Garden Storage Section

Go direct to get the best and latest deals:  One of the things that drives us really crazy about these sites that claim to offer Dobies voucher codes is that most of the time they just have the same deals that you can get direct from the actual company. So save yourself the hassle and go straight to the Dobies garden storage section. Here you will see their whole selection and they do actually let you tinker with the search engine. So if you go to their garden sheds section, you can then click a box to show the lowest priced ones. You do not need to have another site telling you that if you click their awesome link that it will take you to a special offer.

TIP FIVE: If You Do Not Like Facebook, There Is Twitter

They post deals and offers on their Twitter page:  Now their Twitter page is not going to have any special or exclusive Dobies deals that they do not post on their Facebook page or on their actual site, but if you do not want to keep going back to the Dobies site then you can just follow them on Twitter and that way if there is a deal that is happening it will pop up in your Twitter feed. This, like their Facebook page, is hit or miss, but it is not much effort at all to follow them so it is worth doing. Dobies are quite active on social media so if they do have a spur of the moment sale then it will be on their Twitter.

The big voucher code site SCAM

A round-up of all the current Dobies voucher codes we found online.

Hey we wish we lived in a world where sites that claim to have amazing Dobies voucher codes actually did have what they claimed, but we don’t. The problem is that here at WhatShed we know first hand that there is not a ton of profit in the majority of sheds or garden structures. So any site that does claim to have Dobies discount codes that can save you some kind of crazy percentage is simply just messing you around. So please do not mess yourself around and waste your time chasing that magical coupon that is going to knock £200 off a shed because it simply will not exist.

As you have probably guessed, this section of our Dobies voucher code guide is about warning you about the sites that have Dobies discount codes and deals, but will ultimately waste your time. Now we are not saying these sites are out to deceive you or anything like that, but that does not mean they will not waste your time. So keep on reading and you will see what the top sites are who claim to offer all kinds of Dobies deals. We used the most common search terms which are: Dobies Voucher Codes, Dobies Coupon code, Dobies Current Discounts, Dobies Current Voucher Codes and Dobies Sale.

Most Dobies deals are for things other than sheds! Finding Dobies deals online is not hard at all. The problem is even the sites that do actually offer Dobies codes, deals and offers that are genuine most of the time have them for everything but sheds. While Dobies do have a very good selection of garden structures the fact is, sheds are not their main focus and as a result most deals and offers that you will find online are not for shed, but for flowers and things to help your garden be extra pretty. So keep that in mind when looking for these mythical codes. – No shed deals listed

What they claim? Voucher Codes do not actually make any kind of bold claims about their Dobies deals section. They do have a nice little section talking about Dobies as a company, but that is all they really have. They do claim though that the Dobies voucher codes they have are current as to what month it is.

What We Found? Honestly on the surface Voucher Codes are not doing anything wrong at all, but every single link we clicked on just took you to something you could have gotten directly from Dobies. For example, one of their deals is that you can get 50% or more off certain items. When you click this you are just taken to the clearance section of the Dobies site. There are a good selection of deals and offers here, but they all can be gotten direct from Dobies themselves and plus none are for sheds! – No special offers listed

What they claim? My Voucher Codes are one of the main code sites that we come across and they do have a fairly large Dobies section. Now on this section they claim that they have active Dobies discount codes, Dobies voucher codes and all kinds of other Dobies deals. They do say that the offers they have listed are current and they look like they update their Dobies section quite often.

What We Found? None of the Dobies deals that are listed on here are for sheds or garden structures. The offers that they have listed are very strange as technically you could say that these are deals, but actually they are just links to different sections of the Dobies site. So if you, for example, click on their 30% off gardening books, you just get taken to their books section. There are no special offers that they are getting you or anything like that so clicking the links and coming to this site in general is just a real waste of your time. Plus it is not going to save you any money anyway. – Lists old and expired Dobies codes and deals

What they claim? These guys claim to have flashy Dobies discount codes! What makes them flashy? Well honestly we have no idea as this is a term we have never heard before here at WhatShed, but as well as this they do claim to have current and working Dobies voucher codes.

What We Found? There are two sections to their Dobies section. Now the first section is for deals that are currently happening at Dobies. Now these are deals that you can get direct, but at least these deals are currently happening. The next section of their Dobies deals page is all about expired codes and deals. We cannot stress enough how much we hate this. These old codes, deals, satanic chants or whatever, they are will not work. They are old expired codes and we think it is very uncool how they say that they might work as it gets people’s hopes up and wastes their time! – Has an insane amount of expired codes

What they claim? Money Supermarket is a great site that can save you a lot of money on various different things. Their Dobies section they claim does have up to date deals and offers. Now this is actually true and the deals, while nothing to do with sheds, are actually current.

What We Found? While we can appreciate Money Supermarket as a site and will say that the current Dobies deals they have are valid, the fact is they have five pages of Dobies voucher codes and various deals. Now before you get excited, we must warn you that out of these five pages (which is as of writing around 72 Dobies offers) less than ten of them are current offers and deals! That is right, they have over four pages of deals that are long expired. We feel sorry for anyone who has wasted their time going through all the pages on here, hoping to find a deal that is going to save them money. Save yourself some time and just head directly to Dobies. – List other brands and expired codes

What they claim? There is not a whole lot of Dobies voucher codes on their site, but they do make it easy to navigate and they do make it a point to let you know that they do have current Dobies discount codes. The site is pretty harmless and they do not overly boast which is something we always appreciate.

What We Found? To be fair, the Dobies special offers that they have listed when clicked will take you to the part of the Dobies site that these offers are for. So when you click their deal for 65% off, you will be taken to their clearance section. There are no shed deals here, just ones for random gardening items. They also have expired codes and random brands listed as well which we must say, we are not too happy about. But to be fair to Voucher Cloud they are not in your face about it like some of these other sites are. – Will not save you money on a shed!

What they claim? 360 Voucher Codes is a rather strange site when it comes to their Dobies deals section. For example, as of us writing this guide it is June 2016, and the Dobies voucher code section on 360 Voucher Codes claims that the deals and offers they have listed are for June and July 2016.

What We Found? First thing we found was that despite the claims that the Dobies discount codes and deals were for June and July 2016, the ones they have listed say May 2016. To be fair, they may just be a little slow updating them, but it is still odd to see. Also the deals listed here are just like all the others. They will just take you to the Dobies site and not save you any extra money at all. Also like the other sites we have listed here today, none of the special offers that they have listed are for sheds or garden structures. – Tempt you with expired codes

What they claim? We know that in general Groupon is actually a very popular site and we have heard that some people have gotten good deals for things on here, but when it comes to Dobies they do not have all that large a section dedicated to them. They do claim that the Dobies deals they have listed are current and valid deals.

What We Found? Look we know that many people have saved money by using Groupon and that is great, but here at WhatShed we want to save you money on your shed not a toaster or some other random thing. So it is frustrating to say that the Dobies discount codes section at Groupon is very disappointing. The main reason for this is not just that they have the exact same so called special offers that everyone else has, but because they list old and expired codes which is bad enough, but they also tell you that some of them might work. As you have probably guessed by now, this is something we really do not like. – Not terrible, but still not going to save you money on a shed

What they claim? Plot 16 do something that no other site on this list does and that is actually warn people that the codes do not last forever and say that some might not still work. Seeing this kind of honesty is actually quite refreshing, so we applaud them for that. Actually if they were not one of the top ten sites that came up when looking for Dobies voucher codes we might have very well left them off this list!

What We Found? Plot 16 is easily the least offensive site on this whole list. They do not actually have any links apart from one that takes you to the Dobies home page. The Dobies deals that they have listed are just done so in a somewhat conversational manner. There is a little bit of information about Dobies as a company and that really is it. No trying to trick you into thinking you are going to save a fortune or trying to get you to click old expired links. Still though, you will not save any money on a shed by coming here so just head straight to Dobies yourself. – Have “unreliable” vouchers

What they claim? Voucher Bin are one of the more boastful sites that we have on our list. They claim that you can get some great savings by using their Dobies voucher codes, deals and coupons. Actually they get even more specific than that as they tell you on average you will save £34 when using their site. This is an odd thing to say, but we decide to take a closer look and see if it was right.

What We Found? Ok so Voucher Bin do have some Dobies deals that are running right now, which you can get direct from Dobies themselves. Now some of these might save you £34, but it still seems odd to specify a number. Still they do at least have some current deals. What we found really annoying was how they had a section of what they call, unreliable codes. We can only assume these are codes that are long expired or people have reported not working, which if that is the case why still have them there? – All expired codes

What they claim? My Promotional Code claim that they are the most trustworthy site to get Dobies coupon codes, voucher codes and deals from. They really do not say much more than that to be honest. They do not even tell you if the Dobies deals that they have listed are current.

What We Found? There are not actually many Dobies voucher codes or deals listed on here. They have a very small section dedicated to Dobies and actually most of it is telling you how great they are or a little bit of information on Dobies as a company. They only have three deals listed and each one of them takes you to the clearance section on the Dobies website. Do not waste your time here at all. You could use that time to go grab a Coke from the fridge and then check the Dobies website for yourself!

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