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The 20 Best Metal Storage Sheds In The UK

League Table By: Tony Dimmick

Last Checked: 1st Jul 2021

Andrew Wilcox

Head Judge: Andrew Wilcox

Channel 4’s Head Judge & Founder of Shed of the Year Andrew Wilcox has worked to help design an impartial judging system for WhatShed. The judging system uses many different parameters to help give a large degree of impartiality to the way we select products for each of the league tables we do. You can read more about the system here.

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Metal storage sheds can be a fantastic alternative to the more popular wooden models. Providing a strong, weather-resistant construction, they tend to be a lot more durable and most importantly, more affordable, than their wooden competitors. At one time, metal storage sheds were considered a less stylish choice. However, these days you’ll find there are many stylish metal storage options available. With so many great models out there, choosing the best one isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve spent hours searching the UK market to come up with this great top 20 metal storage sheds list. 

We have compared models from all 10 of the major online garden building suppliers in the country. Making up 95% of the market, you can be sure the metal storage sheds featured in this league table are truly the best out there. WhatShed is known for its independent, comprehensive reviews of garden buildings of all shapes, sizes and materials. Our vast experience researching and writing these in-depth reviews has enabled us to distinguish the best from the average metal storage sheds on the market. more...

So what did we look for when narrowing our list of the top 20 metal storage sheds down? Well, we know that quality and cost are the main factors you’ll be looking for so it goes without saying these were the two most important things we looked at. However, we also know that there is no ‘one shed fits all’. This means we wanted to add something to suit everyone. From security focused metal storage sheds to basic value models; there’s bound to be a shed here that fits your every need.

As you can imagine, selecting the best metal storage sheds was a pretty tough task. So many great variations are available on the UK market today. That’s why special congratulations go out to the 14×5 Asgarde Centurian Metal Storage Shed. Whatever type of garden building you’re looking for, WhatShed has you covered. Take a look at our expert, comprehensive reviews today for help making the wisest choice.

5' x 7' Asgard Centurion Police Approved Security Metal Shed (1.52m x 2.18m)

With the sheer amount of metal storage sheds out there, it takes something special for a model to really stand out from the rest. That’s why our congratulations go out to this huge 65 stone 14×5 Asgard Centurian Metal Garden Shed. You won’t find a tougher, more versatile metal shed on the market right now than this incredible model. Its heavy duty nature makes it an all-in-one solution for tools, equipment and even large, heavy machinery. One of the largest models on our top 20 metal storage sheds list, this is ideal for those with large storage needs.

As well as boasting an extra-strong, solid build, this shed also comes with impressive security. When you’re storing valuable equipment you need to be sure it’s going to be 100% safe and secure. The Asgard Centurian is one of the only metal storage sheds on the market to feature a 5 point locking system. This means it is both pick and drill resistant. No matter how hard somebody tried to break into this building, they’re not going to succeed. The lock is even reinforced for additional protection. So if security is top of your priority list, this is the metal shed for you.

You’d think a shed of this size and weight would be a nightmare to put together wouldn’t you? Surprisingly, it features very simple assembly. What’s more, it’s maintenance free! We really couldn’t find a better quality shed that offers so many unique and impressive features.

8' x 6' Falcon Heavy Duty Metal Garden Shed - Single Door (2.4m x 2m)

Another shed that’s going to be difficult to break into is this great 8’6”x7’3” Avantgarde Metal Shed. At second place on our metal storage sheds league table, this model offers a unique design and is manufactured from top quality materials. The twist cylinder lock door provides maximum security, while a full width window over the door ensures great lighting enters the shed. However, it is the little extras supplied with the shed and the potential upgrade options which really made it stand out for us.

Supplied with the building is an integrated gutter, two shelves and six tool holders. No other metal storage sheds offer such a great range of extras. These storage extras increase the shed’s potential and make it great for the DIY enthusiast. As well as these excellent features, the customisation options are also fantastic. For example, you get to choose from three stylish colour finishes and add various extra storage options. Did we also mention that it comes with a free foundation kit? This again is a unique benefit exclusive to this model.

So if you’re looking for exclusive metal storage sheds that give you plenty of extras, are guaranteed to last for years to come and offer great long-term value for money then we highly advise you to invest in this model.

8' x 6' Falcon Heavy Duty Metal Garden Shed - Double Door (2.4m x 2.1m)

Another exclusive model available from Taylors Garden Buildings is the exemplary Avantgard XX Large Metal Shed. It was a difficult choice to place this in third position but we feel the other model was slightly more accessible to the average consumer. This one is much better suited to those with large levels of storage. Its extra-large, heavy-duty design means you can store literally anything in here. Created from hot dipped galvanised steel, it comes with a brilliant 20 year manufacturers guarantee.

A selection of colour finishes are available and it comes complete with anchors to keep it fully secured to the ground. In order to ensure the shed is protected against all weathers, it has also been applied with 3 coats of primer and a polyester paint. It also features a great roof overhang at the front of the shed to add to its weatherproof benefits.

Heavy-duty, extra-large metal storage sheds aren’t often considered stylish but this is a definite exception. It’s one of the highest priced metal sheds on the list but when you factor in its impressive long-term benefits you realise you are getting great value for money.

6' x 6' Trimetals Premium Titan 660 Metal Shed (1.76m x 1.76m)

There are a lot of Trimetals Titan models to choose from but this one stands out as one of the best priced, most secure metal storage sheds in the range. Just to look at it, the shed has a very private, secure design. Sold in a stylish green colour, it also offers one of the longest guarantees of any metal shed. The panels come with a 25-year guarantee and they are created from galvanised steel and coated with PVC. We’ve also added this particular model due to its slightly smaller than average design. This makes it the best choice for the smaller garden.

Don’t let its small size fool you however. This hardy little shed is completely weather resistant and it is even fire resistant to class 0 and 1. Security is a major benefit of this shed, with a great lock and key feature ensuring your storage is kept safe from thieves. However, the real reason we have included this on our top 20 metal storage sheds list is for its outstanding choice of additional options. As standard the shed comes with a single door and window. However, you can opt to replace this with double doors, eliminating the window from its design. You can also keep the single door but eliminate the window, choosing a fully clad design. Or maybe you’d prefer more windows? The choice is yours and no other metal storage sheds give you such a massive range of customisation options. Therefore, we highly recommend this to anyone regardless of what they are looking for.

BillyOh Partner Eco Apex Roof Metal Shed

Garden Buildings Direct is the sole supplier of BillyOh metal storage sheds. Known as one of the highest quality manufacturers in the industry, BillyOh offers great value for money as well as a building that’s going to last for many years. This Clifton model boasts that it provides more interior space than most other brands and it also benefits from treated steel walls and roof. With a 15 year warranty, it makes the low price tag of this shed even more impressive.

This is by far the best quality shed available at this price bracket. It is available in three different depths, with the price featured here being for the largest 10×12 model. What we like about this shed is that you also get to choose its floor. Like most metal storage sheds, it doesn’t come with a floor supplied as standard. However, you can choose to add one. The tongue and groove floor would add a more stable feel, as well as improve its overall design. However, it’s totally optional and does come at a higher cost.

Another unique feature of this model is the fact it comes with both front and rear vents. This ensures an excellent level of ventilation circulates the building.

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8' x 6' Sapphire Apex Green Metal Shed (2.62m x 1.82m)

In our search for the best metal storage sheds in the UK, there was one brand that showed up more than most. Store More have a lot of unique, high quality metal storage sheds to choose from and this Parkdale model was one of the stand out models for us. It is the first metal shed on the list to feature sliding doors. Why is this significant you might ask? Because sliding doors don’t just make access in and out of the building easier, they also help to save space too. So if you have a small garden with limited space available this is going to be ideal.

Its quality is also pretty remarkable considering its affordable cost. Like the more expensive models on offer, this one is constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel. However, unlike a lot of its competitors, this model also benefits from being fade and crack resistant. So you can be sure it’s going to look brand new for years despite whatever the British weather throws at it. It has a very similar design to the Billyoh Clifton and it comes with air vents to reduce the risk of condensation and rust.

It is worth noting that this too is available in different sizes from different merchants. We chose this particular size for our top 20 metal storage sheds list because it’s suitable for those seeking a slightly smaller shed and most of the models listed here are medium size options.

Rowlinson Woodvale 8' x 6' Apex Metal Shed

The Woodvale 8×6 Metal Shed is actually available from several leading retailers, but B&Q is the only one who offers it with installation included in the cost. Compared to other similar sized metal storage sheds, the Woodvale model benefits from a signature brown design. It has a gentle apex roof and its lockable double doors provide both easy, convenient access and excellent security. Despite being a galvanised metal shed, it benefits from a ‘wooden’ look, making it a great choice for those who prefer the aesthetic design of wooden sheds but who don’t want the maintenance that typically comes with them.

The fact it comes with assembly service included is a massive advantage. It means you can simply buy the shed, wait for it to be delivered and installed and then get to using it right away. As it never needs treating and you don’t really need any extras to go with it, this is one of the most affordable, yet stylish metal storage sheds available.

BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Shed

Another excellent BillyOh model, the Sherwood Premium Hot Dipped Galvanised Metal Shed is both stylish and spacious. In fact, the one thing that makes BillyOh metal storage sheds stand out from its competitors is its extra-spacious design. It offers more interior height and space than any other brand and being one of the most well-known names in the industry, it also offers only superior quality models. This Sherwood Premium shed is sold in three different size variations and comes in a stunning woodgrain finish.

Another exclusive benefit of this shed is the fact it is given an extra woodgrain coating to ensure it offers incredible durability. Most metal storage sheds are constructed with galvanised steel alone. So this extra coating is a significant benefit and contributes to its 15-year warranty.

Its exclusive benefits don’t stop there either. Want a shed with excellent access? Not only does this model come with convenient sliding doors, but it also comes complete with an entry/exit ramp. You will struggle to find this feature on any other metal storage sheds. Of course the benefit of this is it makes transferring heavier, larger items much easier as you won’t have to lift them over the entryway as much as you would with other simpler metal storage sheds. It is these exclusive benefits that make the BillyOh Sherwood Premium model a worthwhile investment.

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10' x 7' Lotus Anthracite Grey Metal Shed (3.07m x 2.16m)

This industrial design shed has been constructed with privacy and security in mind. A lot of metal storage sheds come without windows, but few of them offer the same strong, secure look. We love that despite its obvious industrial design, it still manages to look stylish. This is thanks to the Zincalume silver and grey finish.

As you’d expect from a tough looking building, it comes with some impressively tough features. For example, it is backed by a long 20-year warranty and even benefits from being fire retardant. This is surprisingly something not all metal storage sheds feature. Whilst you can’t tell from the picture, this shed comes with taller than average eaves. So it’s an excellent choice for vertical storage. It also comes with unique easy assembly thanks to SNAPTITE construction. So compared to average metal storage sheds available, this one is much quicker and easier to install and that’s always a benefit!

Absco is a leading manufacturer well-known throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is quickly establishing an outstanding reputation throughout Europe and with this impressive model it really isn’t hard to see why.

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8' x 6' Rowlinson Greenvale Metal Apex Shed (2.5m x 1.81m)

Galvanised and painted inside as well as out, this great quality 8×6 Shed Baron Grandale Apex Hinged Door Metal Shed is a modern, distinguished building. It comes with all of the features you’d expect from a much higher priced model, making it one of our ‘best value’ choices. Sliding doors reveal spacious entry into the shed, whilst a strong entry and exit ramp makes the transition of your storage easier than ever. Backed by a brilliant, 20-year no rust perforation warranty, you can be sure the British weather will be no match against this shed.

One feature that’s important to look out for with metal storage sheds is ventilation. As standard, this model comes with ventilated gables. So you won’t have to worry about the risk of condensation building up inside the shed. Another feature that’s great considering its low cost is the drilled holes included in the door handles. These allow you to include a padlock to keep the shed secure. Finally, this is one of the only metal storage sheds within this price bracket to offer great customisation options. You can add a sliding window, skylight or two different types of shelving. This model far outshines its competitors and is a worthwhile addition to our top 20 metal storage sheds list.

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6' x 4' Lotus Heritage Green Low Pent Metal Shed (1.8m x 1.24m)

It’s harder to find metal storage sheds with a pent design roof as the majority do seem to feature an apex design. However, there are a few great pent models out there and this 6×4 Shed Baron Grandale Low Pent Metal Shed is our favourite. Pent metal storage sheds are largely designed as a space saving alternative to the apex models. However, what you’ll often find is that many of them still stand pretty tall which really limits your storage options. If this is something you’ve struggled with then this low model is ideal.

It doesn’t just offer a lower design than your average pent shed – it also offers a striking, captivating look. This is all thanks to its cream and green contrasting colouration. It’s painted both outside and inside and unusually for such a low cost, is created from hot dipped galvanised steel. This means it comes with an extraordinary 20-year guarantee.

So if you’re looking for compact metal storage sheds, this is the best available model out there. The sliding doors are holed so a padlock can easily be fitted, making it perfect for valuable storage too.

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Absco 10 x 12 Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Apex Metal Shed

Steel framed, this vinyl covered apex shed benefits from a strong, secure structure whilst offering a low affordable price tag. What’s interesting about this model is that it actually comes with a few features that even the more expensive, high-end metal storage sheds don’t offer. For example, it comes with an integrated skylight as standard. This means you benefit from the privacy of a windowless shed, as well as the light that windows would usually provide. This makes it one of the best private sheds out there.

As it is made from lighter metal than the galvanised steel models, it is also much easier and quicker to install. You’ll also like the appearance of the shed thanks to the Shiplap design cladding. Integrated ventilation provides superb air flow inside the building, increasing its rust resistance and contributing to the great 10-year warranty. The doors can be padlocked so you can make the shed secure if needed and they are also wider than average to ensure easy access to all of your storage.

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8' x 6'6 Yardmaster 86TBSL Shiplap Metal Shed (2.43m x 1.97m)

With its wood-like Shiplap appearance, the Yardmaster 86SL Shiplap Metal Shed is one of the best looking metal storage sheds we found. Yardmaster has a lot of top quality metal sheds available and we chose this one because it offers something a lot of metal storage sheds don’t – an extra tall design. If you’re taller than the average person extra height is necessary to make the shed more comfortable to use. After all, if you’re going to be using the shed frequently why would you want one that you have to duck every time you enter? This medium size shed ensures you can walk around in comfort. Of course, it also means you can store taller tools and equipment with ease.

Practical benefits aside, the shed also benefits from extremely tough construction. At such a low initial cost, we’re surprised by its outstanding quality. Not only is it created from galvanised steel throughout, but it’s also painted inside as well as outside. The internal sliding doors offer a more secure design than most metal storage sheds on the market and they come with drilled holes for a padlock. So you can also store valuable stuff in here too. It’s received excellent reviews and is one of the best budget-friendly options out there.

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8' x 6'5 Yardmaster Glencoe 86WGL Metal Shed (2.43m x 1.97m)

Another wood-like metal shed from top manufacturer Yardmaster, this medium size shed offers a great, affordable place to keep heavyweight storage. Like others in the range, this one benefits from sliding doors and integrated ventilation. However, unlike some of the other models in the collection, the ventilation on this one is featured in both the roof and the walls. This means it provides far more air circulation than other metal storage sheds. The more ventilation a metal shed has, the less likely it is going to suffer from rust related issues. So whilst it may seem like a small detail, the integrated ventilation on this shed actually plays a big part in its durability.

Sliding doors are used to offer the best, most convenient level of access to the building and they’re also fitted with locks. The addition of the locks is actually pretty significant as most metal storage sheds at this price don’t come with an actual locking system. This makes it one of the more budget-friendly security models on the market. Its impressive two-tone brown wood-like appearance completes its appeal, ensuring it looks great in any modern garden.

8' x 6' Sapphire Apex Green Metal Shed (2.62m x 1.82m)

When looking for the best metal storage sheds available in the UK, one thing we considered was popularity. That is, the shed that received the most positive feedback. Out of the wide range of metal storage sheds out there, this Store More Emerald Rosedale Apex Metal Shed is the one many customers recommended. Not only does it come with the stylish signature Emerald Green colour associated with this great range, but it also offers exceptional value for money. This medium size model is going to be ideal for most gardens and its main focus is on durability.

Constructed from galvanised metal, the manufacturer has also added a zinc coating for additional rust protection. It’s protected against all elements, rust and rot and comes with a long-life 10-year guarantee. So what features can you expect from this budget conscious model? Well, it offers pad-lockable sliding doors, ventilated gables and a great windowless design. This makes it secure, convenient and private. If you’re just looking for a simplistic, low cost maintenance free storage solution then this Rosedale model is recommended.

8' x 6' Sapphire Apex Anthracite Metal Shed (2.62m x 1.82m)

The Anthracite Store More 8×6 model offers a lightweight yet incredibly tough design. A powder coated finish contributes towards its 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind your money is going to go a long way with this shed. It’s unique anthracite colouring makes it really stand out from other metal storage sheds and it benefits from a superior quality design with only the finest galvanised steel used to construct it.

Its unique dark and elegant colouring is a large reason why we chose this shed as one of the best. However, we also can’t ignore the fact that it’s also giving you more for your money than many metal storage sheds out there. Vented gables provide constant air circulation throughout the shed, whilst high quality sliding, pad-lockable doors ensure convenient, quick and easy access. It offers an incredible amount of space, making it suitable for all kinds of garden storage. It’s a good, all-round model with a great stand-out stylish design.

BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Shed

We’ve featured a few BillyOh models now and the Beeston is yet another worthwhile addition to the list. With stunning grooved panels, it manages to pull off a completely unique look whilst still retaining all of the exceptional benefits that come with Billyoh metal storage sheds. The grooved panels aren’t just there for visual effect however; they offer a more weatherproof, stronger protection. Not only will this shed keep your valuables safe from the harsh British weather, but it will also keep it safe from thieves too.

BillyOh metal storage sheds guarantee the very best quality, whilst also focusing on comfort and convenience. Did you know that the Beeston comes with larger than average measurements compared to standard metal storage sheds of the same dimension? Its great galvanised steel construction is also strengthened by a fantastic quality zinc coating. To further improve its durability and comfort, the manufacturer has added vents to both the front and the rear of the building. When it comes to quality, affordability and longevity, you’ll struggle to find a better shed than this one.

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8x6 Lotus Apex Metal Shed

Prepare to be wowed by the sheer level of features this budget shed offers. Lotus is a reliable brand that promises exceptional quality on all of its metal storage sheds range. Sold in a wide range of sizes, this 8×6 is the most common and practical for any garden. We especially love its light design. Whilst it does have a painted finish, its light green and cream colouration helps to give it a much more welcoming, chic design over its competitors.

Despite being one of the lowest priced metal storage sheds on offer in the UK, this model boasts some pretty high-end features. Firstly, it is created from high tensile steel construction. This basically means it is built to last and this is highlighted by the included 10-year guarantee. It also has the additional benefit of being a lightweight building. This is a pretty important feature if you’re looking for metal storage sheds that are easy to install. Metal can be a very heavy material so this lightweight version is ideal for those worried about putting it together. Other great features include sliding, pad-lockable doors, integrated ventilation and a galvanised steel frame. It easily competes with some of the more expensive models available and ensures your money goes far when you invest in this metal shed.

YardMaster 8 x 4 Pent Metal Garden Storage Shed

Offering excellent value for money, this Waltons pent shed is one of the best budget-buys. With its solid, long lasting construction, this shed even comes with a free anchor kit. At the super-low price that’s an exceptional freebie and ensures your new shed is secured firmly to the ground. Unlike a lot of the other metal storage sheds featured on our list, this is the least secure so it would suit those with a more private, secure garden. However, saying that the pad bolt included could be fitted with a padlock if theft is a potential problem in your area.

Being fully galvanised, you can expect this hardy shed to withstand anything the UK weather throws at it. We’re also pleased with its stylish powder coat green finish. When you think of budget metal storage sheds, you typically don’t expect them to come with a stylish appearance so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this model. It’s also been designed with larger storage in mind, providing great double doors which allow you to easily transport bulkier items in and out of the shed. The double door feature is actually an unusual addition to a pent style shed so that’s something else this model has going for it. Overall, this entry-level shed is a great space-saving model with massive storage potential.

8'3 x 6' Arrow Woodvale Garden Metal Storage Shed (2.53m x 1.81m)

Last to make it onto our top 20 metal storage sheds list, this great Arrow model offers value, quality, a spacious interior and a unique, attractive finish. The first thing that really captures your attention is the contrasting red-brown roof. The rest of the building features a deep green finish so the contrasting roof offers a real eye-catching design. It is fitted with double sliding doors for exceptionally easy access and is capable of storing all kinds of garden furniture, tools and equipment.

Worried that a shed under £200 won’t last as long as a more expensive model? Well, with its great 10-year warranty you don’t have to worry with this shed. It may be the lowest priced shed on our list, but it comes with the same great durability as many of the higher priced models. Available exclusively at Homebase, this medium size storage shed is truly the best value option out there.

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