Gardening and garden buildings are interesting, well more specifically, sheds and the things you put in them and your garden! As we have built up the site, we have come across LOTS of interesting facts about gardening and general outdoor garden buildings. Below you can read a few of the rather interesting things we have found out. After you have read them, you will be armed for life with useless facts you can entertain your friends with when you’re next down the pub.
Allotment Diary

Awesome Allotment Blogs

Having the space in your own garden to grow your own food, take care of plants and in general just potter around is great, but if you do..

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The Blooming Garden

The Best Flower Blogs

It is one thing having a cool shed and putting down some grass, but if you really want to have an epic garden then you need to exercise..

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Buzz About Bees

Brilliant Beekeeping Blogs

Here at WhatShed, we find beekeeping fascinating and the fact that bees are having a really hard time at the moment makes anyone who is into beekeeping really..

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My Make Do And Mend Life

The Best Recycling Blogs

Ever wish you were one of those people who could take a bunch of old pallets, a broken chair and then make something amazing out of it? Well..

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How to Zombie proof your shed

Zombies seem to have become ever more popular in recent years, despite the fact that they are almost entirely fictional (unless you’re one of the small group of..

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