BillyOh 20 Windowless Rustic Economy Overlap Pent

Prices Around: £649.00
Size: 2.08m x 1.72m
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This rustic effect shed has a pent roof and measures 7 x 5. It is an extremely durable building and has a number of features that make it so. However, one of the key features is the pent roof itself. This roof is special because it allows rainwater to simply roll off it, and therefore protect the interior of the building.

The pent roof adds even more protection due to the fact that it has grey sand felt for a covering material. This is adept at stopping rainwater from entering the building, so you have a pent roof and sand felt material covering the roof, which both help the interior stay dry.

What we rate

  • Graded European softwood material
  • Dark gray sand felt roof
  • Pent roof

What we slate

  • Not painted
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Prices around: £649.00
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