The BillyOh Apex Bike Store 4 X 7

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Size: 4 x 7
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Are you looking for a a good sized bike store or even a 4 x 7 storage shed? This roomy, versatile bike shed is a handsome looking hard wearing wooden structure with rustic cladding which gives it a very interesting look. Stylish yet functional, it will store your bicycles away from the weather and keep them safe from thieves. With large double front doors you gain easy access to your bikes and other items such as tools and gardening gear whenever you need it. It is a very good size that offers you a generous amount of storage space, but even smaller sized gardens will be able to enjoy this.

The unique look of this bike store is achieved by using great looking rustic cladding. This is very solid cladding which along with the solid framing structure behind it makes for one very impressively robust bike store. The roof has been designed so that rain has no way to pool on top and sneak its way inside, rusting up your bikes, tools and anything else you may be storing inside here. This bike store has been made to last and last is what it is going to do so this is something you are going to get many years of use out of which considering the price is truly amazing.

What we rate

  • Will be able to store multiple bikes
  • Would work very well as a general storage shed also
  • Has lots of customisation options
  • Is a fair price
  • Has two large double doors

What we slate

  • Will require annual treatment
  • Door does not come with a locking mechanism
  • You will need another person to help you build it
How We Rate It
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
Longevity Of materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
Storage size 8/10
80% Complete
Ease of installation 8.5/10
85% Complete
Value for money 9/10
90% Complete

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Bike Store Type And Roof Size

The BillyOh Apex Bike Store 4 X 7 Closed DoorsThis is one of the mid sized bike store from BillyOh and they have made it a little bit larger so that it can handle larger bikes, a few kids bikes and a whole lot of other stuff as well. Actually while this is a bike store, we feel that it would work fantastically well as a small storage shed also. The width is 7 feet 4 inches which means that you could fit plenty of items as well as bikes inside here. The depth is 4 feet, which makes this able to handle around 4 adult sized bikes. The ridge height is 5 feet 3 inches and along the eaves it is 3 feet 11, so there is a nice amount of height in here.

BillyOh have used an apex roof for this bike store like they do their other and this is a very smart design choice. To start with the roof slopes down at the sides so the rain will always run off the roof and not pool on top. Solid sheet boarding is protected with mineral felt. We are fine with this as it is practical and it also helps keep the costs down.

Cladding, Frame And Floor

The BillyOh Apex Bike Store 4 X 7 Front ViewThis bike store comes with some amazing rustic cladding that has a very old timey kind of look to it. We personally just love this as it is not a style that you see on too many other bike stores and sheds. It is thick and it also does just an incredible job in keeping out the rain. While we really like the way this rustic cladding looks, BillyOh actually do offer a couple of upgrades in the form of overlap cladding which can be added for an extra £10 and tongue and groove cladding which can be added for an extra £20. To be fair we feel that these are very fairly priced upgrades.

This is one very robust bike store due to BillyOh making sure that the frame keeping it all together is strong enough to handle bikes and other equipment getting thrown inside. We know that the frame is not the most exciting part to talk about, but we can assure you that you are going to be very happy with how good a job this one does. We always feel that the best frames do their job without you noticing they are there and that is exactly what we have here.

As standard the bike store does not actually come with a floor. So you will need to have either a decking area or a paved area to install this. If you only have grass then you will want to take them up on one of their flooring options. Their cheapest flooring option is solid sheet boarding which is fine for a bike store in our opinion. This is very fairly priced at £13.50. They do have a more attractive floor available and that is their tongue and groove flooring, which can be added for an extra £17.25.

Treatment Requirement And Warranty

The BillyOh Apex Bike Store 4 X 7 Internal ViewNo matter what kind of cladding you decide to go for be it you just stick with the rustic look or go for one of the upgrades, the wood is going to require a generous coating of wood treatment in order to keep it free from rot. The wood will be given a basecoat treatment, but this will only give the bike store a few weeks protection. Coating the bike store should be done once a year, you do this and then you will never have any issues with rot.

The BillyOh Apex Bike Store is covered with a two year guarantee that becomes valid once you have treated the wood.

Doors And Windows

On the front of the bike store is a set of very well made double doors. These are kept in place with two high quality hinges that will keep the doors secure over the years. With both doors open you have 3 feet 8 inches of width and 4 feet 10 inches of height so getting your bike in is going to be very easy. You know now that we think about it, these doors are so large, you could probably put one of those old timey Penny Farthing bikes in here, well maybe.

No windows are on this bike store so you do not have any worries about a bike thief being able to see how great your bike is.

Security And Privacy

The BillyOh Apex Bike Store 4 X 7 Back ViewThe double doors have a turn button catch to securely close the doors, we feel that even in bad wind these doors will stay closed. Still we recommend that you install some kind of locking mechanism like a pad bolt or padlock in order to keep thieves out.

As there are no windows on the bike store, people are not going to be able to look inside and see all of the fantastic stuff you have. Privacy is one of the main things that the BillyOh bike stores have going for them and it’s great to see they kept that theme going here.

Customisation Options And Extras

The BillyOh Apex Bike Store 4 X 7 Side ViewWe love the way that this bike store looks unpainted, but BillyOh actually let you run pretty wild with their customisation options. They offer you 12 different colours to paint the actually bike store with and they have a pretty vast selection. For £7.95 you can choose from Cedar Red, Evergreen and Harvest Gold. They also have a selection of more extravagant colours these are, American Barn Red, Beaumont Blue, Cornflower, Gun Metal Grey, Lilac, Pale Sage, Spruce and Warm Grey. These nine colours are a little more expensive at £24.95. BillyOh also have a selection of trim colours which cost £7.95. Black, Green and Cream are the colours you can choose for the trim.

As well as being able to upgrade the cladding and add a floor, BillyOh have another couple of extras that you may be interested in. First of all is their assembly kit which is ideal if your tool box is not exactly overflowing. This can be added for £19.95 and will have what you need to install the bike store. They also have their own BillyOh branded padlock and hasp, which is sold for what we consider to be a very fair price of £8.99.

So, How Does It All Stack Up?
Quality 8/10
80% Complete
BillyOh are one of the best manufacturers out there when it comes to keep the costs low, but the quality high.
Longevity Of materials 8.5/10
85% Complete
As long as you look after this right then there is no reasons as to why you cannot use this for well over 20 years.
Storage size 8/10
80% Complete
We know that 4 x 7 may not sound like a lot of space, but for a bike store this is actually a very good amount of storage space. You can easily fit 3 or 4 bikes in here and a few other things as well. And for general storage, a mower, some tools and other such items would be easily able to fit inside.
Ease of installation 8.5/10
85% Complete
You should not have any issues installing this, but you will need to get a friend to help you install this. As long as you do not take too many coffee breaks then you should have this built in around 6-8 hours.
Value for money 9/10
90% Complete
We feel that BillyOh are giving you great value for money with this bike store as it is strong, long lasting and is also a good size.
Overall Score
Final Thoughts: We really like this BillyOh Apex Bike Store and feel that it's generous size makes it something that would be perfect for any size of garden. If you already have a storage shed, but want somewhere safe to keep your bikes, then this is ideal. At the same time if you do not have a shed then you could use this as a low cost way to store many different items. We love the classic, rustic design of the bike store, but if you want to jazz it up a little bit then they do have all those customisation options. In all we really like this and no matter what you use this for you are going to be very pleased with this bike store.

Prices around: £285.00
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  • Liz Kent said...

    This is a safe and very effective way to store bikes for a common sized family. We are two adults and two children. We bike a lot and in fact the husband bikes to work on fair weather days. We tend to invest in flash equipment because with the weather here things just kind of rot. So, we are secure that it won’t be stolen out of the shed. It is a pretty strong structure and no issues with damp either. We even had some room left for other storage we didn’t need in the house like paint cans. The good thing is, if you should ever stop biking then you would have a tidy little shed.
    The cost was alright because we would use it a lot so it pays for itself really.


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Longevity Of materials
Storage size
Ease of installation
Value for money

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